Host Your Website In Offshore Locations

Be it a website, software or app, you need to have a server where it will be hosted. When you have complicated software or websites which won’t be allowed legally to be hosted in your country you can host it in a server which is located in some offshore venues where it is legal to host websites or software like casinos, betting etc. This is called Offshore hosting.  There is lot of countries which allows hosting casinos, betting websites. Companies will have their datacenters located in these countries.

Dedicated High Speed Servers And Data Centers

When it comes to betting or casino you need the server to be of very high end which provide real time support and speed. More important aspect of the offshore servers is the reliability of the server and backup option. Normally, when you contact a hosting company for the offshore hosting, you may need to select a plan among lot of plans they will have. Generally, it will vary based on the type of the HDD it is using. It may vary from normal HDD, SSD and Cloud based hosting. Also the plan fees may vary based on the space you need and the speed and bandwidth provided. If you are going to use a higher plan, it may come with automatic scheduled backup up of the website or application in stipulated time intervals. So in case, if any problem occurs you may have the immediate backup to restore immediately without affecting the real time operations for longer period.

Normally, torrent sites, gambling sites and porno sites are hosted in the offshore hosting servers to escape the scrutiny of the law of their native country where the laws may be very stringent on certain online materials. It is normally cheaper to host the websites in offshore than in the place of living. That is the main objective of hosting in offshore locations. Some of the online experts feel that it will be better to host the website in a country where you are targeting to benefit from the SEO and online marketing. When it comes to find out good offshore hosting provider, you can search the internet and read reviews and discussions in various forums. It will provide you idea who is the best service provider when it comes to hosting in offshore locations.

Since you may not meet hosting company people in personal to discuss, it is better to search a lot before making a decision. Cheaper one may not be a good one all the time. You need to check about the claims of 99.99% up time claims. It may not be true in some cases.