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Baccarat is one of the simplest games among the casino games that also offer to bet and gradually to win money. Baccarat is a card game. It is often noticed in the live casino that people are dealing a lot of money in the desk of baccarat. So when online casino came on the market, baccarat contributes a lot of the popularity of it.

baccarat online is an easy and simple game. One needs not to remember lots of rules and regulations. It frequently happens that one player is given a trick and somehow forgets to remember one of the many rules and finally ends bringing up the rear.

Step by step format of the game baccarat

Step 1: Firstly, one has to place the bet. There are three kinds of bets:

  • In the player’s hand – If the player wins at the end than he or she win the bets.
  • In the banker’s hand –If the opponent, i.e. the banker wins at the end of the game, the player wins the bet.
  • Tie – If there is a tie in the game, i.e. total points of both the player is same, the player wins the bet.

Step 2: Now any one of the players place two cards from the bunch. In an online game, the banker does the job of placing cards.

Step 3: Then comes the step to count cards. A player playing the game needs to know basic mathematics or counting. Also one needs to know the place value of the cards.

baccarat online

Aces: 1

Face cards and 10: No value or zero value

Numbered cards from 2 to 9: Face value as written on the card itself

Here, comes a twist. T            he total value or points if exceeded 9 i.e. if it’s become 10 or more, the 1st digit of the points got dismissed, i.e. 10 becomes 0, 12 become 2 and so on.

Step 4: This is the deciding step. If the total points in the hands of the player himself or herself is higher than the banker, player wins. If the situation is opposite, i.e. total points in the hands of the banker are higher that the player, banker wins. And if the situation is in between, i.e. none of the players got higher value, i.e. both the players got same value or points in the hands, the situation is a tie.

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